March, 2016

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Modern gullies for modern wet rooms

Change your old drainage system with a new Stainless steel drainage gully now and benefit from the best deals of the year!

When renovating or moving to a new home, most people tend to leave aside the changing of the drain system, dismissing it as being unimportant. And that happens especially because the old one seems to be working just fine. It usually isn’t so – even the most obsolete designs can still cope with the flow of water even when they become faulty. In this way, you won’t notice immediately that the water infiltrated beneath the floor tiles or that the level of water is steadily increasing around the drain, signalling that there is a problem. You won’t notice from the start the smell of stagnant water or the impurities gathering around the drain. You will notice all these when it will already be too late. And when that happens you won’t have to change just the wet room gully, since the problem would have extended in the entire wet room and even beyond.modern wet rooms

The drain system is more vital than you may believe and it can decide how you day begins and ends. Everybody takes a shower before going to work in the morning and everybody takes a relaxing bath in the evening, before going to bed. These experiences can be ruined when the above problems appear – don’t let them ruin your day and make this change now. You can find with us everything needed in order to replace your old drain system with a new a performant one.

The best solution for a modern household is represented by the linear drains, also called channel drain. Generally extended and narrow profiles, they have a modern look which reduce the risks mentioned above. Because they collect the water and its particular harmful particles on a larger area before leading them to the drain pipe, the linear drains can handle larger flows of water and are more difficult to become clogged. They are also low maintenance, because the impurities can be easily wiped from the profile using a piece of material.

This type of wet room gully also reduces the risk of water infiltrations, because of their positioning. Placed beside one of the wet room walls, the channel drain necessitates only a small and basically invisible inclination of the floor in its direction. In this way, the tiles can be placed tighter one around each other, as opposed to the installing of the traditional point drains. Due to the identical cause, the channel drains are also as inconspicuous as possible, basically blending in.

But they can be made visible and they can actually improve the aesthetics of the wet room. Having a modern style, they could be customized in any way our customers want, from the size and the types of materials being used to the design on the grating and to even the setting up of add-ons which include LED illumination. With this new linear drains, you can include a little bit of your individual personality for your buy. Info.

Of course, the channel drains are a bit (and only just a bit) more expensive. But considering the flawless job that they do, they are worth every penny. Best open holes shower drain covers.

So if you are renovating or if you are moving into a new home, considering replacing your old drain system with the new wet room gully system – say goodbye to all the problems and welcome the most relaxing moments in the shower or the hot and bubbly bathtub!

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Newest innovations in shower drains

Newest innovations in shower drains

Try the bathroom solutions that we offer and the newest innovations in shower drains for amazing results

The dream that every adult has is to return home after a long and exhausting day it to have a nice time and relax, forget about all the worries and troubles at work, leave all the tension and stress behing and enjoy good moments with the loved ones. A house becomes a home the moment it becomes the place where you start making memories and where you feet safe and comfortable, so that is why you need to take extra care of it, the place that is a home for you and your family. That is why it is important to use the best products when you are building a house or renovating the old one, as this will be a guarantee that it will last you for a longer period and you won’t have any surprises, no malfunctions, so more money won’t have to come of your pocket.Newest innovations

We can become your partners in your big plans to create or renovate your bathroom or maybe try with a wet room by providing the best solutions in pluming and providing the shower drains that will totally revolutionize your life. Discover true quality and how it can improve your life in so many ways. Forget about pluming malfunctions and stop worrying about clogs or flooding in the bathroom that can destroy your stuff and cause grave damage to your savings. Use good quality products and you will be safe from anything that might cause disruptions to your daily routines and can potentially create a whole in your pocket. Make the best financial decision by always purchasing only the materials and accessories that can guarantee quality and a worry free life.

Discover how a set of good quality shower drains can dramatically improve the overall design of your bathroom, also adding to the comfort of an efficient and durable bathroom. So your choice will be easy if you are planning on building a bathroom or remodeling the old one, as we offer a wide variety of models, shapes and sizes, so you get the perfect ones for your bathroom. The materials we use and the technology involved make the shower drains that we offer incredibly durable and efficient, but also giving them a very distinct look that will complement the design that you have chosen for your bathroom. Transform your bathroom or wet room into a relaxing and chic space with the help of our accessories, the finishing touches that can make such a big difference in the design and look of your bathroom. You will be able to take your bathroom to the next level and transform it into your own private spa, elegant and modern, the place where you can truly relax, shake off all the stress and tension you accumulate over the day and just be yourself, get comfortable and discover happiness in these moments of relaxation.

You have the options and the power of will to improve your life in so many ways, so make sure that you always choose quality when it comes to the things that will be with you and that you will be using for a long time so you can avoid the stress of malfunctioning and degrading sooner than anticipated. Choose quality and never cut back on it so you can enjoy your favorite things for years and years and to stop worrying about the losing money or losing time with the repairs. Get to have an amazing place for your own that you can enjoy for a long time.

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Make sure to use the best shower drains

Discover how accessories can transform your bathroom from doll to amazing

Each and every one of us dreams of returning after a long day to a nice place we call home, the place that offers relaxation, comfort and has the warmth that you need. Your family is there and you can’t wait to get back and spend time with the kids, play with the dog and first of all, to have a nice and relaxing shower or bath that has the power to wash away all that stress and tension that can be accumulated over an exhausting day. We all dream of a nice place to return to and we all dream how amazing it can be, we all want the best and work for it, so each of us deserves it. If you don’t have this place yet or feel like improvements are needed, stop dreaming and take action, start making true your dreams, start building and start designing and creating the life that you deserve. transform your bathroom

The time is now to start building and transforming into reality your dreams. You make the plans and come up with the ideas and we will provide the materials to make it happen. We will be your partners in matters of pluming and bathroom accessories and will provide the best shower drains in the market at the best price, so your satisfaction will be complete. Check out our new and complete catalogue and we guarantee that you will find the best shower drain that will totally upgrade your bathroom or wet room, make it look truly modern, but also extremely efficient and operational. The materials and the technology we use in is a true guarantee of quality and you can be assures that you will be getting the best deal, quality and price wise. You will surely discover the benefits of our new products and will be impressed and will impress your friends with a new and improved bathroom.

The quality of our products also guarantees that you will have no malfunctions and no surprises in the near future and you will be able to enjoy your bathroom or wet room for years and years to come, keeping that same chic and timeless look and not spending more money on new pluming or on replacing the stuff that moisture, mold or a flood have destroyed. When malfunctions happen in the bathroom, it’s not just your mood that get destroyed, but also your favorite stuff and your wallet can take a serious hit as you will need to repair and replace all that has been affected. So think in advance and make sure to never cut corners when it comes to quality; quality is the thing that will get you through the years without having to crash your savings.

Choose from a wide variety of shower drains the one that will make your bathroom or wet room perfect. We offer the accessories that will take your design to the next level with the materials we use and the designs we have. You just come up with the plan and we will provide what you need so your dream bathroom or wet room can finally become real; create your own spa inside of your house, a place of true relaxation, the sanctuary that you need away from all the hustle and chaos. Design it to fit all your needs and we will provide the stuff to make it happen. The classic or the modern, the romantic or minimalist, we have them all for you to choose.

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